Celebrity Big Brother live feed spoilers: James Maslow’s (possible) fate

James Maslow getting evictedIs James Maslow staying or going on Celebrity Big Brother? That’s one of the questions at present; after all, the live feeds tonight have been full of some waffling that reminds of one thing — it doesn’t really matter if there are celebrities or normal people playing the game when it comes to waffling. It always happens, and you have to take most of it with a grain of salt.

There has been division among the dominant alliance (all of the women plus Ross) as to whether or not to evict James Maslow or Chuck Liddell. James has clearly campaigned far more for his chance to stick around, and we’d definitely argue that he wants it more of the two. Yet, that is probably all the more reason to want to get rid of him. Keep the dead weight around — we’re actually surprised that there are some considerations surrounding getting rid of Metta next just because he’s not putting up much of any fight. Drag that guy to the end if you can!

Anyhow, one of the interesting things that is happening within the women’s alliance is that you do get a slight sense that people are on to Shannon playing the game too hard. There is already discussion about that and we do think that within a week or so, she could play her way out the door. She’s a little bit like another poker player in Vanessa in that she’s always running scenarios and ideas while some other players would prefer to just play it safe. Vanessa’s gameplay did lead to her getting to the end of the game, but there was a lot of risk that went into it that she would get found out. Technically, in some ways she did courtesy of Steve. Shannon, for now, seems to be one of the people most on the fence.

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Despite all of the conversation about potentially saving James, we do think that the plan will hold and we’re going to see him leave over Chuck. There’s just less risk with keeping Chuck around — you know where he stands and he’s probably not going to pull a lot of major surprises.

What do you think: Should the women just go ahead and evicted James Maslow? Is there any merit at all in keeping him? Share now!

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