Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 12 review: The contest

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 12 reviewOn Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 12 on Thursday night, the contest was at the center of almost everything. This was set up earlier this year to encourage advancement in the medical field, and April is the person most responsible for carrying it out.

Of course, one of the big problems was that April had a lot of other problems going on and, for a while, we’re actually weren’t sure that she was going to get things together. Luckily, she did and by the end of the episode it actually felt like most of the doctors were well on their way to advance. Unfortunately, that wasn’t true for all of them — including Amelia and Alex, who were trying to use the contest as a way to help a young patient who wants nothing more than being okay in order to make sure that she can appear in musicals.

However, for some other doctors we see them well on their way to big revelations. Meredith and Jo, for example, are partnering on a possible procedural that could revolutionize organs with cells. Meanwhile, Arizona seems to be interested in working with Carina in a procedure that could both help transgender people and also significantly lower the mortality rate among mothers. This is in part a response to what happened with Matthew’s new wife during “Personal Jesus”; Arizona feels some guilt over it and April does instead.

There were a couple of great moments that took place during this process — take, for example, Glasses being sent all over the place by Bailey; meanwhile, Jo decided that she was going to use her real name of Brooke in the paper as a means of celebrating herself following the death of Paul. Also, the chemistry between Sam and DeLuca remains fun and we’re glad that he has something that feels a little more like his own story for a change.

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What actually surprised us the most about this episode was that, given that this was the last episode until after the Olympics, there really wasn’t all that much that transpired when it comes to big cliffhangers. Beyond some of the patients, nothing all that devastating transpired. Instead, what we ended up seeing here were many characters having some progress in their lives. Yet, we don’t think hope is lost for anyone yet — including Alex and Amelia.

CarterMatt Verdict

Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 12 was about medicine and we actually liked that. There are so many episodes that end up being focused on other things that there was something nice about getting an hour that focused mostly on medical advancements. While there could have been more surprises, we’re not going to be upset about the series choosing to not just craft a cliffhanger for the heck of it.

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