When do Big Brother: Celebrity Edition live feeds begin after premiere?

Celebrity Big Brother USWhen do Big Brother: Celebrity Edition live feeds begin after the premiere episode? If you are coming into this CarterMatt article with that question, we’re pleased to provide some additional information!

Here is what we know via CBS — at the conclusion of the show’s episode on the West Coast at 9:00 p.m. Pacific time, the feeds are slated to start running. There could be a fluctuation given that there almost always is, but we anticipate them being on around the time specified. Also, by the time the live feeds are available there is a good chance that it will already be known who is going to be the first person leaving the game this season. There’s usually a lot that happens over the course of the time in which we don’t see before the season begins, and that may be even more true this season. One of the biggest components to this season is how short it is — we’ll be done with this in just under a few week so the producers are going to have to cram in a lot of content.

If you are anticipating a lot of great live-feed action this season, we’d say to temper those expectations slightly. Because there is so much ground that production needs to cover in a very short period of time, we would not be shocked if there are frequent outages on the live feeds throughout the season. They will have to set up and conduct challenges, and there may be more depending on if the celebrities end up discussing something that is not allowed.

How willing are some of these players going to be in order to follow the rules? That is a question we wonder given that they don’t have as much to lose. With newbie contestants, we do think they are more willing to play ball just because of the fact that this is a very cool experience for many of them and they don’t have many other tickets to instant fame. For celebrities, however, it’s a little bit different.

Remember that CarterMatt will be covering the live feeds this season as we have in the past with the US and Canadian versions of the show!

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