Big Brother: Celebrity Edition spotlight: Omarosa Manigault, the season’s big ‘get’

OmarosaIt’s funny what a difference a year or two can make. If Big Brother: Celebrity Edition took place in 2016 and Omarosa Manigault was cast as a part of it, we’re not sure anyone would care. She was mostly just known as a former contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice / The Apprentice proper, who was fired many times over by Donald Trump. She was somewhat of a pioneering reality TV villain, but it wouldn’t have made a whole lot of sense for CBS to want to hire someone known really only for an NBC show.

Now, Omarosa’s former White House role has made her into the biggest name on this entire season. We definitely think CBS cast her hoping that she would go on the live feeds and spill tea on the Trump Administration, but we doubt that this will happen. (She’ll probably save that for some inevitable book or press tour down the line.) What we do think that the show is going to get from her is someone who is smart, savvy, and has zero issue stabbing people in the back.

The thing that’s interesting about Omaorsa as a game-player is that she is probably much better suited for Big Brother in some ways than The Apprentice. She doesn’t work well in a team, but that’s fine here because Big Brother is an individual game. One of the core tenants of the series is that everyone is reasonably self-interested — everyone knows that she is and therefore, there are no surprises with Omarosa. If you realize who she is and the sort of game she’s playing, you can work with her for a bit. We don’t want to spoil anything from the live feeds at the moment, but this seems to be in part what some players this season are already doing.

One of the other reasons why CBS probably cast Omarosa is probably just in hopes that she will come on the show and fight with anyone and everyone she comes into contact with. We’re not quite sure that will happen in the way they think. After spending much of the past year-plus working in the US Government, dealing with Mark McGrath and Brandi Glanville in a house doesn’t really seem like it’s all that big of a deal.

The one last thing that’s interesting here is just that Omarosa was a very late addition to the cast. With that, there hasn’t been as much info out there about her as some of the other players.

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What we’re most interested in seeing – If there is anything Omarosa can do to stay alive when she gets down to around the final six or seven in the game. This is around the point where she may no longer have a use to any of the players and they could easily send her on her way.

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