Sherlock season 5 at least two years out — though possibly much longer

Sherlock season 4There is no guarantee that a Sherlock season 5 is ever going to happen, but even if it does, know this: You’re not getting it until at least 2020, and maybe even later than that.

CarterMatt has certainly seen quite a few interviews over time with Steven Moffat and some of the show’s cast talking about the future of the series, with many of them offering up the same thoughts time and time again — there is an interest in doing more of the show in the future. However, one thing that has remained constant is that nobody seems to think that it’s going to be happening for a while. The cast is busy, and to go along with that Moffat and fellow co-creator Mark Gatiss also have another project of their own in Dracula.

The following comments that Moffat made to the Radio Times today are important, mostly in that they mark the first time in which we’ve gotten a relative time frame as to when the series could start to be considered again:

“Nobody has ever closed the door on Sherlock – we just say the same thing all the time and it gets quoted different ways. We haven’t got an immediate plan, but I would remain surprised, given the collective enthusiasm we have for it, if we didn’t do it again. When, I don’t know. I think maybe the time for a longer gap is upon us, I don’t know. A longer gap? They’re always long gaps! We’re doing Dracula, which is going to take two years at least. We’re not going to do Sherlock whilst we’re doing Dracula. So it’s not going to happen in the immediate future. Never say never, but no – we don’t have an idea [right now]. I could see us making more Sherlocks. I could see us making Sherlocks way in the future. It’s not the kind of show that has to come back all the time. It can revisit. Every time Sherlock comes back it’s a reunion show.”

We’ve maintained a pretty similar attitude towards Sherlock the vast majority of the time that we’ve written about it here at CarterMatt: There is no reason for the series to not continue, mostly because of the fact that everyone seems to want to do more. Yet, everyone also wants to do more of their own stuff and there’s a trade-off that comes along with that. A big part of why Sherlock still has the capacity to continue is mostly in part to all of the breaks. It doesn’t force Benedict Cumberbatch or anyone else to stick with these roles; it’s important to have time in which to miss something and the show’s producers seem to be very much cognizant of that fact.

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