Big Brother: Celebrity Edition live feed spoilers: The first target

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition live feedWe got another dose of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition live feeds this evening — who else is surprised? We were also surprised to get some substantial insight.

The first thing to note is that for now, nothing is certain — yet, there are some things that we believe we can ascertain from what we saw. For starters, it appears that one of our fears was correct when it comes to there being an unbalanced number of men and women — it creates it easier to play the game along gender lines. The women outnumber the men and, for now, it appears as though some of the guys are in trouble. Signs point towards James Maslow and Mark McGrath being on the block, and with Mark being the target at present to be sent out of the game.

Also, it sounds as though Shannon Elizabeth may have won the first Power of Veto Competition given how some of the women seemed grateful to her. It also seems as though Ross Mathews is close to former Miss Colombia Ariadna, so it’s probably unfair to just call this a gender-based alliance. It’s possible that a few of the super-machismo guys are on the outside and just about everyone else is in power. There are too many varying reports and perspectives to confirm who won HoH — it definitely is someone within the women’s alliance, possibly Omarosa.

One thing that does feel fairly clear? The men are in trouble, and it seems like they’re making it even harder on themselves by pouting and being salty that they’ve been dominated so far this season. We feel like some of them, especially Chuck and Metta, may have went into the season thinking that they could just steamroll everyone physically. However, they have sense realized that this may not be something that they can do. Big Brother isn’t that kind of show.

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