Big Brother: Celebrity Edition spotlight: Will we love Metta World Peace?

Metta World PeaceThere are many things to love about Metta World Peace on Big Brother: Celebrity Editionstarting of course with the fact that his name is Metta World Peace. Well, technically that wasn’t always the case. Many NBA fans probably still remember him as Ron Artest, but he’s tried to get away from that over the past several years. In China, he also has another name — translated to be “The Panda’s Friend.” That’s why he is wearing a panda hat in some of his photos.

As for why Metta is taking part in this show, it may just be to spare us from another reality show featuring Dennis Rodman. He’s not as out-there a character as Dennis, but he does love entertainment (Metta spent a long stretch of his career in Los Angeles) and he should have stories for days to share in the house. He also is super-competitive, which of course comes with playing alongside Kobe Bryant for stretches of time.

What makes him interesting in Big Brother is that he may not have any clue what he’s doing. He doesn’t know the game at all! Maybe he turns out the be the celebrity version of Jon Pardy from Big Brother Canada, where he comes into the house and almost immediately becomes this odd sort of savant who takes to the game really well and learns its inner workings within the blink of an eye. Or, maybe he is just clueless and bumbles his way towards an eventual elimination. He’s an obvious physical threat, though we don’t think many of these competitions are going to be overly physical. More often than not, they’re ones that benefit smaller players who don’t have as much body weight to hold up.

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What we’re interested to see – Whether or not Metta has any sort of social game. As much as we understand him as a player — and as much as we’ve seen him take his competitive spirit too far on the basketball court — we don’t have too much of a read on him outside of the game other than that he’s a bit aloof. You don’t change your name to Metta World Peace unless you are. Maybe he’s quirky and interesting to the other players; or, maybe he’s just annoying.

If nothing else, at least we’re curious about him — that’s more than we can say for a few other people who are a part of this season.

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