TV Revivals: The latest Dexter season 9 hopes on Showtime

Dexter season 9Now that we are in 2018, is there a chance for a Dexter season 9 more so than there was a year ago? This seems like as worthy a conversation for this edition of TV Revivals as any.

This is far from the first time over the course of the past few years that we’ve written about the future of the once-brilliant Showtime drama series. It’s been a staple of the TV Revivals series and with good reason, given that this is one of those shows that absolutely deserves another kick at the can. It’s not so much because of how it ended; it’s more about how the show built up to that ending. The first four seasons of Dexter were absolutely magnificent and contained some of the best writing in all TV. We actually do think that season 5 is extremely underrated thanks largely to Jonny Lee Miller as the villain Jordan Chase. It’s season 6 where things start to really go off the rails, and the entire series really starts to peter out in the final season. Part of the problem there seemed to be that Dexter wasn’t 100% sure that it was the final season until midway through its run, so it had to pivot during the production process in order to cultivate some sort of worthy ending … we didn’t get that. Instead, we got the death of Deb, Dexter faking his death, and then him being a lumberjack in the middle of nowhere in the closing minutes.

For whatever reason, the series thought that it could sell Dexter as a lumberjack as though it was worthy punishment, but it really wasn’t. Either Dexter had to just get away with everything and go about his business at Miami Metro, or he needed to die. The middle ground satisfied virtually no one.

Is there a chance at a Dexter season 9 now?

Unlike some other shows we’ve discussed within this series, the best way to bring Dexter back is to keep things super-simple: Feature the next season on Showtime and have it be for a good eight, ten, or twelve episodes. Don’t over-complicate anything.

We know that there is some interest in doing it, at least from the network angle. Showtime recognizes that this was one of their most-popular shows and ever and there is merit to bringing it back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though anything has moved beyond preliminary talks at the moment.

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The biggest reason to have confidence in more Dexter is that nobody seems completely opposed to the idea. Also, we are now in a culture where there are revivals coming out for almost anything and everything under the sun. Dexter seems like a far more realistic revival than Murphy Brown or some of the other ones happening.

Do you still want to see a Dexter season 9?

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