M&Ms Super Bowl commercial 2018: Red becomes Danny DeVito

M&Ms Super Bowl commercialThroughout Super Bowl Sunday, we’re going to be offering you a chance to see some of the biggest commercials on the night. Think of this as a way to get a jump on the big game, or a way to get some additional insight on some of the ads!

In this article, let’s discuss the M&Ms Super Bowl commercial, one that you had to assume was coming.

The premise – After spending most of his life in danger of being eaten, Red decides to become human for a day. With that, he transforms into Danny DeVito and, for a little while, nobody wants to eat him! Unfortunately for him, things start to go a little bit off the rails a little bit when he stands in the street and gets hit by a bus. (It’s true — you could’ve seen the ending coming a mile away.)

Brand recognition – Brilliant. One of the best things about M&Ms is that they have a consistent narrative that they’ve set up over the years and played into time and time again. The M&Ms are afraid of being eaten, and they always recognize that they are a hot commodity. The candy’s all over this ad so you’ll never have even a remote chance that you won’t know what this spot is all about.

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Creativity – It’s a very different twist on the M&M spots we’ve seen over the years. Casting DeVito was also perfect since he’s able to have a sense of child-like whimsy despite being in the business for decades. He’s also one of those few stars who is almost instantly-recognizable to people no matter their age.

Our overall grade – B+. If it had a better ending to it, we’d probably proclaim it to be a much better grade than this. We laughed and it was super-memorable, but you also know that this commercial is going to play a hundred times over the next week and you’ll get sick of it all over again.

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