The Librarians season 4 ratings enter finale with momentum

Librarians season 4 finale ratingsWhat is the state of The Librarians season 4 ratings as we get closer to Wednesday’s finale? We’re at a time here where there should be some sort of urgency with the fans.

Before continuing onward in this article, let’s set the table for a moment. The Librarians has yet to be renewed for a season 5 over at TNT, and we’re certainly nervous about the show’s future. It’s hard not to be when you look at the recent history of this network and how they choose to renew/cancel series. They’re operating under an agenda that is about so much more than just whether or not the ratings are good. They are looking also at whether or not they feel like the story matches up with whatever their brand is going to be and that is a rather-difficult thing to pinpoint.

In terms of the ratings, the good news about this past new episode is that with a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic (one that almost rounds up to a 0.4), The Librarians did draw its best performance for TNT since the end of December. Its total-viewer ratings have been a little bit all over the map, but a big part of the reason why there may just have to do with the wide array of different competition that is out there for the show in its Wednesday – 8:00 p.m. Eastern timeslot.

We don’t really love how the network chose to program The Librarians this year, whether it be airing over the holidays or giving it their typical very-little promotion. We probably should be a little bit more used to it at this point than we are, but the reality here is that we’re still not. We just think that they’ve got a creative, smart, and super-adventurous show that they should be doing a little bit more with.

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With this coming episode being the last one possibly ever, let’s hope that many fans out there seize this opportunity and realize that this is their chance to make a difference. Even if it doesn’t tip the scales huge one way or another, we do think it’s very much important still to give it your best effort. This is a show that deserves at least one more batch of episodes on the air.

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