KC Undercover season 4: Could it happen someday with Zendaya?

KC Undercover season 4Following tonight’s final episode, let’s go ahead and beg the question: Could a KC Undercover season 4 take place at some point in the future?

For the time being, it does not seem as though there is going to be any forward movement with the Zendaya series. There is a reason why tonight was advertised as the series finale — there aren’t any intentions, at least for the time being, to continue this narrative. Hopefully there is a worthy send-off that honors the legacy of the entire series, and not just the past year or so of it. We are also hoping that there is going to be an opportunity in order to see some sort of hope that these characters could appear again in the future.

One of the simplest reasons why we’re not getting a KC Undercover season 4 is simple: There’s simply no time to make it happen. Zendaya has, over the years, become one of entertainment’s up-and-coming stars. It is in some ways a miracle that the network managed to retain her as long as they did. There is also a realization on the network’s part that most of their shows have a limited shelf life. They are meant for viewers within a certain age range and, over time, viewers age their way out of the show and onto other things. That’s why ratings for many Disney shows fall within the first few years of them airing, and huge hits like Hannah Montana only last a handful of seasons. (Last year, we saw that with Girl Meets World.)

Maybe someday, years down the road, Disney Channel will be able to bring much of the cast back for some sort of epic reunion; or, it’s also possible that we could see down the road a chance for a revival-of-sorts with some similar characters occupying the roles. Either way, we would argue that you should accept tonight’s finale as the end, while also recognizing that anything is, in theory, possible down the line.

Do you want to see a KC Undercover season 4 happen someday, or are you, for now, just happy to have had as much of the show as you have? Share now in the comments!

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