Scandal season 7 episode 10 review: Is Olivia Pope fired?

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Tonight, Scandal season 7 episode 10 kicked off with the attempted intervention of one Olivia Pope. After being responsible for the death of President Rashad, she found herself cornered by Fitz (who took her up for Vermont) and many of her one-time Gladiators. They worried about her role in Quinn’s death and, to be frank, they were worried about many things beyond just that. They mostly just had concern that the Olivia that they knew, the woman who was fighting for at least what they perceived to be justice.

Now, they’ve interpreted what she is doing as acting within a state of cruelty. They put her through her paces, confronted her on her past, and made her start to see some of the error of her ways. Still, there was more work to be done and Olivia knew that. The question that we wonder is whether or not she came to the realization that she was broken out of a place of pure vulnerability, or out of a place where she knew that was the only way to end this.

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One thing that Olivia did proclaim was that she was ready to resign as Chief of Staff — a position that she was potentially going to be fired for, anyway, after Cyrus told Mellie a little bit about what happened.

When Olivia did eventually make her return to Washington, she did so with a proclamation that she was going to “lose every friend that she had ever had.” If that wasn’t interesting, what was? Well, here’s the thing — Olivia promised that she would resign, but she didn’t. Instead, she decided to go sleep with Jake Ballard and not attend the White House Press Conference at all. Fitz and just about everyone else was furious over this, but there wasn’t really a whole lot that any of them could do. It was all up to Mellie to determine whether or not to fire her — Olivia tried to use Jake in order to rally Mellie and better ensure that nothing happened to her.

Jake’s damage control

Basically, he just went to Mellie and reminded her of everything that she has done — this was a reminder that she really wasn’t so innocent. Therefor, keeping Olivia as valuable. She was dangerous, but she was also an asset in the event that she was used correctly.

CarterMatt Verdict

Sure, we saw the first part of this ending coming a mile away — we just didn’t see the second part of it. We anticipated that Jake was going to be able to convince Mellie to keep her around. Instead, she opted to send Jake packing — which, in turn, meant very bad things for Olivia.

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