Chicago PD season 5 episode 13 review: Is Voight in trouble?

Hank Voight

From the onset of Wednesday night’s Chicago PD season 5 episode 13, our stomach started to churn with what was happening to Hank Voight. Remember the body of the man who killed Justin? Well, said body was uncovered and all of a sudden Voight and Lindsay both were in danger.

While Lindsay was never featured on-screen, it was nice to have her referenced at least — it’s a nice reminder that she is a part of this universe. Voight had to figure out how to keep himself safe in the flurry that was starting to form around him — especially from Denny Woods, who was ready and willing to investigate this to the fullest extent of the law.

Now, let’s introduce you to Marcella Gomez. She was a Salvadoran Detective who came in under the guise of working on a case. She got close to Antonio quickly — and by “close,” we mean that the two parties hooked up. Not too long after that, though, the word started to come in that Marcella may not be all that she was cracked up to be with commentary floating around that she was not necessarily there was the motives that she claimed. It turned out that, like Voight, she was a person on a warpath, desperate to get revenge over the loss of a child. The parallels between the different stories this week were fairly easy to see.

Things got ugly at the end of this case when it was Antonio who was forced to shoot Marcella before she killed anyone in Intelligence. This moment came after she got revenge, and in the aftermath of that Antonio struggled with the fact that he was blind to the case and couldn’t quite see the truth.

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The aftermath of the investigation

Woods turned up at the bar at the end of the episode, one that made it clear that the science team were able to investigate a bullet that was at the scene of the now-infamous crime. It just so turned out that the slug found at the scene of the crime was a similar one to one at a crime in which Voight was at years ago. He didn’t have enough to bring Voight in yet; however, he was getting closer than ever before to getting him. He could actually sense the danger in Voight’s eyes.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago PD spent probably more time on Marcella than we expected, but that did work out okay given that the end of the episode brought up some incredible drama between Voight and Woods. While we think that he’s going to get out of this situation, it’s probably a little early to know for sure.

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