The Blacklist season 5 episode 13 preview: Who is the Invisible Hand?

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe Blacklist season 5 episode 13 carries with it the title of “The Invisible Hand,” and beyond that this episode also seems to be bringing the promise of drama — and also another mystery to go along with it. This episode has a challenge in trying to serve as the last episode for a few weeks, so the producers have to deliver with a big, super-dramatic cliffhanger that sets the stage for what should be the third and final act for this season starting at the end of February.

So who is the Invisible Hand? It’s actually a group more so than an individual person, and the Blacklist season 5 episode 13 synopsis offers up some additional news as to what’s coming up next:

02/07/2018 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Wednesday) : When bodies are discovered in abandoned woods, Red (James Spader) points the Task Force toward The Invisible Hand, a group that targets those whose actions are morally reprehensible yet fully legal. Meanwhile, Red steps in to assist one of his employees, and Liz (Megan Boone) discovers a major clue about Tom’s investigation.

We feel like it’s the latter part of this synopsis that is clearly the most interesting, as it promises some movement on learning precisely why it is that Tom died and also what it was that he was looking for: The DNA on the bones. The suitcase mystery has been prominent since the start of the season and we don’t see that changing anytime soon; if the producers revealed everything in this episode, we’d be shocked. We would just like for there to be something else that Liz is striving for, and have it be something that really extends her story outward and gives her even more depth and incentive to start to suspect something wrong with Reddington. This could build towards an epic finale, one in which some of the major mysteries of these bones could finally be revealed.

Just so everyone’s aware, we personally still very much believe in the Imposter Theory and that these bones are the real Reddington’s. The man we’ve been seeing is a fake. That’s our theory and we’re going to die on this mountain with it!

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