Absentia episode 6 review: We don’t know Jack

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Going into Absentia episode 6, it was clear that Emily Byrne was in big trouble — we don’t know how else to describe having a truck driver’s gun pointing right in her face!

The good news for Emily is that within a few minutes of this episode, it was clear that Larry was going to be a little bit more malleable to her plight than she may have first assumed. We’re not exactly saying that he is a good guy, but that was an asset for her. He was actually willing to help her escape! He did just that, and this brought Emily to what was her next phase of her plan: Trying to determine how she could retrieve the information from the medical device that she found out in the woods. She went to Jack’s apartment for that, which made sense given his access to records. What she ended up finding (after coming up with a plan to contact him later, if need be) was so much more shocking than she could have possibly figured. Jack had videos of a woman, stripped-down and tortured, on his computer. It was incredibly disturbing, and all of a sudden it started to seem as though Emily Byrne’s trauma started very early in her life.

Eventually, Nick and Tommy were able to find some of the video evidence and it was fair to say that things were about to escalate in a rather big way. Jack had a secret past that went far beyond his drinking, and all of a sudden, there was desperation to figure things out.

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The drama at home

We knew that this was going to happen eventually and we honestly don’t blame her for it: After being surrounded by all of this chaos, Alice decided that she had enough. She was ready to take Flynn and move over to her sister’s. Also, she was pregnant.

It was at this point, in desperation, that Nick started to try and turn things around. That didn’t work out for him quite so well. Alice told him that if there was any hope that the two had of making things work, he had to get closure on the investigation.

The Jack confrontation

Emily was the first person that had a lead on what Jack was up to with a mysterious woman. She found the woman, and beyond that Nick and Tommy started to figure out more in terms of Jack’s dark history with S&M and other dangerous sex acts.

The trail led to a strip club, but far from your ordinary one. While inside, Emily learned that Jack didn’t start communicating with her until after his sister returned; before that, he hadn’t seen her in a good six years. The fact that there was some connection between seeing this woman and Emily was disturbing in itself.

The worst part of all for Emily here was rather simple: She was shot as she tried to escape the club. This wasn’t the sort of thing that would heal itself, and it posed the biggest problem that she’d experienced since first deciding to go on the run. Just in case nothing else in this episode disturbed you, maybe seeing Emily bleed out while at a cemetery did. She was in front of her mother’s grave, and she chose to call Jack in hopes of getting some sort of answer in the event that she was going to die.

This is where we end things for episode 6 — with Jack finding a phone Emily deposited for him in his place and hearing that message for the first time. We should also point out that the FBI discovered many bodies out in the woods. This was a mass grave as opposed to one with just a single skeleton.

CarterMatt Verdict

In terms of being dark and terrifying, Absentia episode 6 delivered that. There’s clearly so much more to this story than what we know, and the thing to remember with Jack Byrne at present is rather simple: The evidence against him is horrific, but we don’t think that anything has been resolved just yet.

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