DC’s streaming service adds Metropolis; what will it provide that Krypton doesn’t?

MetropolisDC has recently ordered Metropolis, the newest prequel series about the DC heroes.

According to TV Guide, the series will run on DC’s upcoming digital streaming service in 2019 and will be written and directed by Gotham’s John Stephens and Danny Cannon. The series will centered around the city before Superman’s arrival. The synopsis notes that the series will highlight Lex Luthor and Lois Lane as they “investigate the world of fringe science and expose the city’s dark and bizarre secrets.”

Obviously, this is an interesting take on things. Lex Luthor and Lois Lane working together? That’s an attention grabber right away. Was there a time when the two worked simultaneously together in peace? Well, it sounds like this series is going to tell us their story before Superman flew in and forever changed their lives.

The real question here is do we really need another series explaining the same material? Syfy has its Superman prequel series coming out soon called Krypton, which will focus on Superman’s grandfather and the disgraced House of El. This is a great concept because it’s one that hasn’t been explored yet on TV. We’ve seen Superman’s backstory and a little of his parents, but never really further back then that. So the concept that we can explore a world before Superman and his parents and into the world of Krypton before the planet exploded. It’s quite fascinating and makes it something to keep on our radar.

Now while Metropolis will focus more on present day storylines, they both still leads in the same direction; Superman. Both shows will explain Superman’s backstory more and why he is the way he is. It all leads back to a certain famous Kyptonian.

In all honesty, both shows have appeal, but are they necessary? No. Comic book fans may watch both shows, but then there will be some who do not. They will pick one over the other. To us, it just seems like too much. It’s like people can’t think of any new ideas. However, we aren’t saying these shows won’t be good, it just seems like no one can think outside the box. People need to use their imaginations and think of things that haven’t been done before. Remember, there is also Supergirl touching on similar mythology.

For more news regarding Metropolis, be sure to visit this link. Once we have more information on this series, we will definitely report on it.

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: DC.)

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