The Blacklist season 5 episode 12 video: Has Liz Keen gone too far?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWe’ve got for you at the bottom of this article a new The Blacklist season 5 episode 12 sneak peek, but the question that we want to discuss within this article stems a little bit further than the contents of just this one video.

Let’s start, though, with this sneak peek (via SpoilerTV) — Liz is doing everything that she can in order to solve the mystery of what she found on Navarro during the 100th episode. There’s a clue implanted there that could help lead her to Tom’s killers, which is her entire objective at the moment. She’s so transfixed on this that it’s hard for her to really keep track of anything else that is going on in the world … including the preservation of her own soul.

Remember when Liz Keen was basically becoming the Stewmaker last week? That was not something that we ever expected from this character, especially given how she reacted to that Blacklister earlier on in the series’ run. Her transformation is not exactly one of believability, given that this is a hyper-stylized world where all sorts of crazy things can happen. Instead, it’s one about how we are meant to root for either her or Reddington at this point. Can we enjoy the fun, the craziness, and the action of the show to the point where we forget that they are criminals of the highest degree? Has Liz at this point gone to a darker place than her own (apparent) father? These are questions that the series is forcing us to ask.

There’s also another one that adds another layer to the mystery for Liz: If Tom were still alive, would she have ever gone to this place? How hungry would we all be for revenge in the event that a loved one was taken in so brutal a way? While we think The Blacklist is popcorn TV, it’s asking right now psychological questions. These are ones that you should keep in mind as this season progresses and we get a little bit closer to finding answers on Tom.

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