The Blacklist season 5: Harry Lennix’s take on the bones mystery

The Blacklist logo any seasonAs we get to the final episodes of The Blacklist before the Olympics, we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up! Most notably, we’re going to have a chance to see hopefully some movement on the subject of Tom’s death and precisely what he was chasing — the DNA of the bones that were in that suitcase.

Who are some of the top candidates? We maintain that the easy theory is that the bones belong to Katarina Rostova, given that this is a person’s death Reddington would clearly want to hide. If Liz found out that he had a certain degree of culpability in the death of her biological mother that could be one of those things that she could never forgive him for. Another one is that the bones are of Reddington himself, which continues along the Reddington Imposter Theory we’ve been discussing ever since the summer break. This is the sort of secret that “Reddington” would have to keep, since otherwise his entire cover would be blown and his house of cards would come a-tumbling down.

In the video HERE, you get a little bit more insight on the subject of the bones mystery from someone who is very familiar with this world — Harry Lennix. He explains here to TV Guide that he doesn’t quite know whose bones they are, but at the same time understands that they are of great import to both Reddington and probably Liz in order for this secret to stay just that. The last thing that Reddington wants is to be found out in this department.

At the moment, our feeling in regards to the bones is this: It’s probably the sort of storyline that the show could tie together around the finale, since that would give you an incentive to keep watching until the end of the season. After that, they could reveal the truth about the DNA, which would in turn create a fantastic cliffhanger leading into a season 6. NBC hasn’t renewed the series yet, but for the time being we remain fairly confident that such a move will happen.

What do you think is going on with the bones mystery, and do you have a prevailing theory at present? Share in the comments!

(Photo: NBC.)

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