Call the Midwife season 7 episode 2 review: Lucille confronts racism

Call the Midwife season 7 episode 2

Through much of the Call the Midwife season 7 premiere last week, the series had to spend a good bit of time working in order to set the table. That meant introducing new characters such as Lucille and also trying to establish what some of the themes were going to be this season.

In following up the story of the premiere, Lucille was at the center of this installment tonight — though, at the same time, so was racism. The new midwife had to confront the reality that she could be blamed for a patient’s sickness just because the color of her skin. This happened in the process of her trying to care for Marjory — her mother Mae didn’t think that Lucille was qualified to help her, and then proceeded to make some of her thoughts clear in a terrible manner the first opportunity that she possibly could.

This was a story about Lucille ultimately having to prove herself even though she really should not have had to. In the process of her doing this, we also saw her and Valerie Dyer bond in the wake of some of the prejudice that she felt while in the military.

Ultimately, Marjory’s fame did come together while she tackled her medical crisis, with the entirety of her family and loved ones in tow.

Meet Magda

Tonight introduced us for the first time to Shelagh and Dr. Turner’s new au pair; suffice it to say, this proved to be rather interesting. Magda was a woman very much invested in making the home as functional as possible, but it took some getting used to for Shelagh to have a young woman like this wandering around the house … especially when it comes to how much time she was spending with Timothy.

Elsewhere this week

Sister Winifred led an effort in order to ensure that some of the men of Poplar were more involved in their significant others’ pregnancies … but that was easier said than done given that not every man out there was altogether interested in actually going along with this idea.

Yet, Winifred’s education was actually beneficial as one husband was ultimately able to help her wife in her time of great need, something that we didn’t think we would have seen otherwise.

CarterMatt Verdict

Call the Midwife is Call the Midwife. It is the same show it has always been, except with a few more layers and a fresh coat of paint. Tonight was a story about people finding a way to care for each other despite difficult circumstances — sometimes, people just need to see outside of themselves more in order to find a better way to live.

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