Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast: Julie Chen teases lineup

Celebrity Big Brother USWhat is the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast going to be? We’re getting a chance to find out very soon! Rumor has it that it could be unveiled tomorrow during the Grammys. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you’re going to have a chance to learn Monday when show host Julie Chen sits down for a Facebook Live session.

So who could some of the cast members be? We’ve got some more clues on that courtesy of Chen’s own Twitter account? Below, you can see a list of emoji that seem to give you a few ideas as to who some of these contestants could be.

Drama Masks – Obviously, an actor.

Talking mouth – Possibly a talk-show host, a politician, or a podcaster. This is one of the tougher ones. Everyone blabs!

Microphone with music notes – Obviously, a singer. Lance Bass? That’s the dream right now.

A television – Clearly, a TV star. Bonus points if said TV star is Bobby Moynihan.

A piece of pie – Maybe Joey Chestnut is doing one CBS show after another? Okay, probably not. More than likely this is some sort of celebrity baker. (Please not Paula Deen.)

Basketball – Hopefully, not Dennis Rodman. We’ve seen enough.

Crown – Likely a former beauty queen. It’s a little strange to cast them here just because beauty queens are often on regular Big Brother. We’d die if it is actually someone who is a part of a Royal Family somewhere.

Karate robe – This one is tricky ones — it could be a martial artist, or it could be the show subtly hinting at Matt Iseman. (The American Ninja Warrior host has been magnificent in his trolling on the subject on Twitter.)

Alarm clock – This one screams a morning talk-show host, either on the radio or television.

Palm tree – Former Survivor contestant. We know that a notable contestant, who last appeared on Survivor: Game Changers, has been rumored for some time. She is, after all, pals with former Big Brother contestant Meg Maley.

Suitcase – Likely some sort of business titan. We’d die (if we come back to life after there’s a royal family member) if this turns out to be Steve Ballmer and Iseman can do his Ballmer impression again like he did on The Celebrity Apprentice. Yes, we know this isn’t happening and Iseman may not even be on. Let us just have fun here.

What are your opinions on some of Julie’s emoji?

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