Blue Bloods season 8 episode 14: More on ‘School of Hard Knocks’

Blue Bloods season 8

Blue Bloods season 8 episode 14 is entitled “School of Hard Knocks,” and when this episode airs on CBS in one week’s time you’ve got a touch of entertainment royalty on board.

How else do you describe Ernie Hudson? We’re always going to have a soft spot in our heart for him because of Ghostbusters and over the course of this episode we’re going to be super-psyched to see what he brings to the table as a principal who breaks the rules — even if he does it with a specific ideology in mind. This is the sort of person who could be major trouble for the Reagans just in terms of legality. He’s going to take a very controversial approach to trying to stop gang violence around his school. You can appreciate the end goal and hate the methods — they just have to figure out whether or not this is a situation worthy of an arrest.

Hudson is just one of a couple notable guest stars in this episode; after all, you are also going to be seeing the return of David Zayas as the Governor of New York. Typically on this show, you have a tendency to see Frank Reagan going toe-to-toe against the Mayor. On this episode, however, it will be Frank continuing some of the drama that he’s had with the Governor as of late. Frank doesn’t always align the best interests of police and politics; that’s a good thing. After all, there is a tendency for politics to get a little bit messy.

After this upcoming episode of Blue Bloods, you will be seeing the CBS show embark on a hiatus until the other side of the Winter Olympics. As a result of this, you have to hope that this is an episode that will leave you with some great stories to be excited about in the months to come. (Obviously, we’d love for that to include a Jamie/Eddie moment or two, but we’ve come to expect very little with this show as of late.)

Are you excited to see Blue Bloods season 8 episode 14, and is there anything in particular you’re hoping to see transpire? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

(Photo: CBS.)

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