Outlander season 4 filming carries well into weekend

Watch the Outlander season 3 premiereOutlander season 4 filming is hardly a Monday-Friday job, though we assumed that many out there would know that. Filming happens based on when it needs to happen — and, at times, when it is almost convenient for some of the filming locations.

If you’ve been scouring the internet, there are already number of videos out there for a sequence featuring Richard Rankin at Falkland village. It’s long been our policy not to share set videos or photos here at CarterMatt unless authorized — we’re fine with saying that Rankin was on set, though, mostly because we feel like just about every person under the sun already knows that Roger’s story on Outlander is far from done and there are many exciting things ahead.

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Gearing up to the weekend, it appears as though Outlander season 4 is also preparing to do some filming at Cumbernauld Glen, located not too far from the village. This is a beautiful, picturesque area that is not far from Glasgow. There are already rumors aplenty as to what could be filmed here, and also whether or not it could involve Jamie or Claire Fraser. Filming at Cumbernauld Glen should continue until at least early next week.

One of the reasons why Outlander often films around the clock is pretty simple: There is just so much work to be done! The fourth season of the series is gearing up for a premiere on Starz later this year and it’s essential that at times production shift over to strange hours, whether it be late at night or into the weekend. At the end of season 3, for example, there were a ton of night shoots towards the end as some of the final sequences were filmed in South Africa.

For those of you who had a chance to experience any filming this week (it’s not all that often Outlander is in a place that is that easily accessible by the public), congratulations! We hope that it was a fun experience. We’re sure that there will be some other opportunities ahead for some of you. So long as it doesn’t disrupt or impede production in any way, we’ll share some more details as they start to come in.

Of course, we will have more news related to Outlander season 4 filming the moment that more news comes out. You can also like CarterMatt on Facebook for some other insight regarding the Starz drama. (Photo: Starz.)

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