Friday Night Lights revival: Is Taylor Kitsch interested?

Friday Night Lights revivalWe know that there’s been talk about a Friday Night Lights revival, mostly because of the fact that there has been talk about a revival for almost every great show under the sun. For this series especially it’s easier to dive back into the source material than most — after all, high-school football in Texas is as popular and as notable as it’s ever been.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor Kitsch — who now stars in Waco for The Paramount Network, makes it abundantly clear that he would be more than happy for the show to keep going. However, that does not mean in the slightest that he would have plans to take part in the series himself:

“I wouldn’t be up in arms for a quarter-second. I would wish them all the best, and I would be curious and watch it. I’m grateful for that time. I know it was a springboard for me, and Friday Night Lights has got such a cult following. People still stop me all the time on the street to talk about Riggins, but I think it’s sometimes a beautiful thing just to let it be and realize that that was a time in your life where you grew as a person and as an actor. We had such a great set, and I still have amazing relationships with Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton and Derek Phillips, and that’s what I’ll take from it. There’s no point for me to just relive something that feels like it went off into the sunset in the right way.”

CarterMatt is not going to argue with anything that Kitsch is saying here, and in general this is the sort of advice we would dish out to many networks out there that are looking to do some sort of revival. Is this really something that they need to do? We would question them on the logic of such a move given that the original was so successful and you don’t want to do anything, whether intentionally or not, that takes a little bit of the sparkle out of that.

What do you think about the idea of a Friday Night Lights revival, and do you think that Kitsch is right on the money when it comes to his take on it? Share in the comments and be sure to like CarterMatt on Facebook for more TV scoop. (Photo: NBC.)

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