Scandal season 7 episode 9 review: The story of Marv

Scandal season 7 premiereScandal season 7 episode 9 was entitled “Good People,” but for most of the episode what we were reminded of was instead this: There aren’t exactly any of these people on the show.

As a matter of fact, the closest thing to a good person in this episode war Marv, the poor hyper-political sap who Rowan manipulated during the episode so that he could get a gun without it being in his name. He struck a friendship with him and then used them. Meanwhile, he had Quinn Perkins still trapped in his basement and wouldn’t do a whole lot in order to help her or explain what his desired endgame was.

Instead, this episode chronicled what the journey for Rowan was with Quinn as his prisoner — and, in turn, his decision to not kill her when it looked as though he did. Many people out there probably saw that twist coming just because if Quinn was actually dead, why in the world would they drag this on for so long. Rowan just used Quinn in order to further his own agenda, and then on the other side of that he actually had to help her give birth. 

Of course, just because Rowan didn’t murder Quinn doesn’t necessarily mean that he was good to her either. He didn’t want to take her to the hospital; instead, he decided to help her give birth the “old-fashioned way” … but we’re pretty sure that didn’t involve him drugging her out and forcing Marv of all people to help to deliver her. (Okay, maybe Marv’s not so great as he thought — how did he not think that this was a bad move? Don’t turst this dude, Marv!)

On the other side of Quinn giving birth, Rowan introduced her to her baby and, for the first time in a long time, she was actually happy … as much as she could be, given the circumstance. What was interesting was her proclaiming to Rowan that he was a “good person” for not killing her, but we still don’t buy that for a split-second. He just didn’t kill her. That’s a pretty low bar. After all, he also murdered Marv because he knew too much. Quinn realized the error of her ways and her statement after that.

Rowan made it clear to Quinn that “mothers and children first” was his motto, and that’s why he let them live over Marv. She’s alive, but there are still many mysteries and it doesn’t seem as though he’s willing to let her go for some time still.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was crazy. We don’t know how else to describe much of what we saw. While Quinn is alive, we have a hard time saying that anything in this episode is a happy ending.

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