Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 10 review: What happened to Paul?

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 10Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 10 was entitled “Personal Jesus,” and some of the ways in which faith was a part of this story were certainly strange.

Take, for starters, trying to deal with a patient who tried to cut off their hand because … well, they were sinning with it. Do we need to get more descriptive than this? (Well, at some point Carina certainly tried by paying this patient a visit to discuss how “everybody does it.”)

In terms of other awkward things that transpired this week, you just have to look at what is going on with April. She had a patient who, as it turns out, was her ex-fiancé’s new wife. She gave birth to their child and, after that, there were many an uncomfortable exchange as April had to treat a certain part of her anatomy that was very intimate.

Unfortunately, this story did take a somewhat-tragic turn when Matthew’s ex found her condition worsening and she ended up on the operating table. She found herself feeling guilt both from what happened with her wedding to him to also them potentially feeling as though she may have put his new wife’s life on the line. In the end, she passed away and regrettably, this wasn’t the only one-time patient of April’s in the hour that she lost.

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We do have to shift to some other subjects at the moment, including the status of Dr. Paul Stadler. He was hit by a car at the end of this past episode, and things went from bad to worse when he tried to lunge at Jenny after he learned she was planning to testify against him. As a result of that, he stumbled, knocked his head, and was apparently braindead. From here, the larger question was whether or not the character would die — and, beyond that, if it was possible that Jo would have to be the one to take him off life support. (Remember, legally the two were still married. She was responsible.)

What did Jo decide? She couldn’t really figure out what some of her emotions were at first, but this wasn’t about revenge. She found a way to take the death of Paul and, with Jenny’s help, she found a way to start paying things forward. She donated his organs to people who really needed them.

Ultimately, what made this episode all the more difficult was that at the start of the episode, Paul was April’s. She lost two patients in one hour and she found herself suffering in ways that she could not have imagined.

On another painful subject…

One of the other cases at the heart of the episode was incredibly painful in its own right, as a young black boy was killed trying to get back into his own home be a police officer. This was obviously a story with real-life echoes, and it was one that had an incredibly tragic end that spoke to biases and issues in the system. We also learned more about Jackson’s history being forced to handle such matters, something that he doesn’t like to talk about because, quite frankly, who would want to talk about it if it was so traumatic?

CarterMatt Verdict

We would say that a lot of the Paul story was coincidental, including that he was hit by a drunk driver and that he just so happened to go brain-dead right before the worst happened. Yet, we are very much relieved that Jo has some peace now.

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