SEAL Team season 1: Subjects to still discuss

SEAL Team episode 13 new tonightIs SEAL Team episode 13 new tonight on CBS? We wish we had an answer to that question that would satisfy many long-term fans out there — but alas, we don’t. There is no installment tonight; instead, the network is opting to air two Amazing Race episodes back to back, a move to ensure that the Race comes to a close before Survivor comes back on the air. The SEAL Team hiatus has a little bit more to do with the needs of that show than it does anything that is going on with David Boreanaz’s Jason or anyone else in this case.

While we do wait for SEAL Team episode 13 (you can read more about that over here), we do think that it could prove useful to touch on a few different subjects here. These are things that are not only worth addressing when the series returns on January 31, but also the remainder of the series to go along with it.

1. How long can these characters stay away? – It’s difficult to tell a story featuring SEAL Team members off battling terrorists for so many years without there being a certain degree of turmoil. Finding a way to realistically keep the cast together could be a struggle.

2. Coming up with an interesting group of villains – This is something else that could be tough, given that the sort of characters that many SEAL Teams battle are terrorists — especially in the part of the world Jason often finds himself in. We would suggest coming up with an interesting Big Bad either for the end of this season or season 2 who challenges these characters on an individual level, especially in a psychological sense. We know that this team is physically capable and can take on a lot of obstacles; but, is there a way for someone to hit them right in their souls?

3. How topical can you make this show? – This is a similar struggle that another show in Blue Bloods has on CBS. You want to make it relevant and discuss current events, but you also have to be reasonably cognizant at the same time that there are only so many different opportunities that you have to do this without getting political. Being relevant and mainstream simultaneously is a Herculean task.

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