Will Law & Order: SVU revisit Dodds – memo storyline soon?

Dodds -memoOn this past episode of Law & Order: SVUwe saw a reveal that was rather different than what we’re accustomed to. After all, there have not been many occasions over the course of the series’ history where we’ve seen one established character make a move to thwart another.

Yet, this is precisely what we had courtesy of Fin and Dodds. Ice-T’s character in the closing minutes found himself some leverage against Peter Gallagher’s, presenting him with a memo and some reminders that he really shouldn’t be doing anything to consider replacing Olivia Benson in the Special Victims Unit. What was in that memo? That’s a question that we’ve already debated, and another one now revolves simply around whether or not we are going to be seeing this storyline revisited at some point in the future.

There are two different schools of thought in which you can use to look at this story. The first one is to simply proclaim that there’s no real reason to touch back on this immediately, if for no other reason than that Fin seems content with what he’s accomplished. With Benson back at work, everything with a possible replacement for Benson seems to be stopped … or is it? This is where a little bit more of that ambiguity comes into play. If there is something within that memo that Fin feels is a serious concern, we would not be altogether surprised to see him pursue that a little bit further and try to ensure that nothing happens to his longtime colleague and friend. This could make this storyline into something that picks up on the next new episode.

On the flip side, we wouldn’t be shocked if this issue goes away for a few weeks only to resurface down the road in some other fashion. Sometimes a good narrative strategy is to lure you into a false sense of security, only to figure out some other way to shock you. This is something that we’ve already seen with Benson many times this season, especially in terms of her and Noah. Right when everything seems fine, another twist comes in and sweeps the rug out from under them.

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One way or another, we’ve got a pretty good feeling that this story is not over. You don’t do something like present a memo without us seeing it, only to then abandon that storyline for some time to come.

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