Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 8: Battle for redemption

Tanya HollandTop Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 8 featured what we considered on paper to be one of the best battles of the season. You had Tanya Holland in one corner, whereas in the other you had Brother Luck. Both of these chefs went home under somewhat-controversial circumstances. We didn’t think that Tanya should’ve gone home Thursday night.

Yet, this was her chance at redemption — the problem here is that Brother is a very good chef. He did several really tasty-looking dishes in the kitchen!

Almost from the get-go here, it seemed as though Brother managed to get the upper hand on her. When Tom Colicchio made it clear that the challenge was going to be doing something great in ten minutes, Brother did what he could to get that time limit down to ten minutes … TEN MINUTES. Tanya went along with it and that was probably a mistake. We felt that even more when it was clear that she was basically making something on the fly.

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Meanwhile, Brother seemed to be a little more prepared from the get-go. He knew some of what he wanted to make and felt very prepared to take on whatever was thrown at him.

Yet, as time went on…

We started to think that this competition was becoming more of a draw. Tanya started to be a little bit more confident, and Brother seemed to be thrown off a little bit as a result of that. The funny thing here is that this competition basically played out almost in real time. By the end of the ten minutes it seemed like both Tanya and Brother were just about ready to pass out.

So, who actually went home?

We were actually starting to think it would be Brother by the end of the episode, mostly because Tanya ended up doing a lot more with her time — meanwhile, he seemed to have some serious regrets about making the ten-minute challenge.

Yet, Brother did end up winning the challenge — it was close, and it seemed to be the only thing that Tanya did wrong was serve onions that were perhaps a little too raw.

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