Chicago Fire season 6 episode 9 review: The smells of firehouse 51

Chicago Fire season 6 cast photoChicago Fire season 6 episode 9 continued about as opposite of stories as any episode possibly could. After all, the main story for the episode revolved in part around a frantic search for Bria. However, at the same time we witnessed another one revolving around a massive stink in the firehouse.

Somehow, the latter story did find a way to cross over with one of the main subplots: A battle over Zach, a Hazmat officer who both Brett and Stella both shared an interest in. They met him while out on the call, and it just turned out that bringing him over was going to be a way to cure Firehouse 51 of some of its recent olfactory issues.

Who knew that we would have something akin to The Bachelor on Chicago Fire? This was fun, mostly because the two were competing with each other while also competing with a “mystery odor.” Basically, the fact that Brett and Stella were able to even think about romance within this environment was shocking in itself.

In the end, the problem was solved and the dead animal (a certain “mascot” from the past) was removed. Also, Brett decided to let Stella have this one. In a very sweet moment, she gave Zach Kidd’s contact information.

As for the search for Bria…

It was starting to drive a wedge between Casey and Dawson, mostly because she was putting so much effort into making sure that Bria was okay. To make matters worse, she also decided that she didn’t want to tell him what was going on, knowing that he has a tendency to worry about her getting too invested with these sort of people who are troubled and in vast need of help.

Casey in general was struggling with distance — not only was Dawson pulling away from him, at the same time he was struggling being separate from Firehouse 51 in his own office. Everything for him culminated at the end of the episode, where he was at Molly’s with Severide and Dawson but felt almost like the outsider. They were in the know on the case, and he was stuck on the outside listening in to what was happening. It’s a tough situation for him to be in, but this will hopefully pass. Casey still cares; he needs to just be let in.

In the closing minutes, Dawson did get a heartbreaking message from the morgue — is Bria dead? That’s your cliffhanger for next week.

Final Verdict

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 9 was the right mixture of funny and dramatic. It showed that silly rivalries (Stella and Brett) can be resolved without a problem and that even though you’re afraid of judgment or worry, that shouldn’t mean pulling yourself away from someone you care about.

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