Scandal season 7 episode 8 review: Is Quinn’s baby alive?

Scandal season 7 premiereTonight, Scandal season 7 episode 8 delivered an episode that definitely proved to be dramatic … and also raised questions throughout as to whether or not Quinn Perkins was truly dead.

One thing that did feel clear was this: The show’s producers absolutely wanted you to think that the character was gone and that the urn was filled with her remains. It all felt too easy, too predictable. Too easy. The Quinn that we knew, the fighter that we knew, probably wouldn’t see all of it end in such a way.

Was that true? To a certain extent, yes. We did learn within this episode that Quinn’s baby was alive, and that Charlie was able to discover the truth in the closing minutes. He heard a baby crying within Rowan’s home, and the on the other side of that he rushed in and discovered a newborn crying. Charlie wanted to know whose baby it was, and in the aftermath of that, started choking Rowan — right in front of the baby, which certainly is not great.

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If this is Quinn’s baby, it absolutely does suggest that there is something more going on here than was first clear. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Quinn is alive … we just think that she is given that she may have a much larger role in the story than it appears at the moment.

As for Quinn herself … We don’t care what David Rosen said — allow us to be in denial about this! We’ll believe that Quinn is gone in the series finale if she doesn’t show up.

As far as twists go, this was a good one in an episode full of some surprises — including romance (if you want to call it that), hookups, and also plenty of tears. All if this set the stage for a crazy conclusion and questions as to what is coming up next.

Final Verdict

Scandal season 7 episode 8 did many great things. We were a little bit worried about the sheer number of monologues in it, though, just because it felt like there was so much talking that we could’ve used some more action.

The Quinn’s baby twist at the end was somewhat predictable … and yet hopeful since we did want a chance to see the show give her happiness down the road. We remain hopeful.

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