Countdown to Absentia: Stana Katic on Global News; our coverage plans

Stana KaticAre you excited for Absentia? We absolutely are, and we’re excited to have some new stuff to share about the show!

In the video below, you can see Stana Katic in a new interview with Global News out of Toronto promoting the new series. Here, she discusses the process of jumping on board the show, getting a chance to act and executive-produce, and also … escape rooms? Why not? Hey, Emily Byrne was trapped in a room for a long time. She also talked shooting the first season in Bulgaria and some of the technical challenges that the crew took on.

If you love production insight and behind-the-scenes details, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to love this interview — or, if you just love Stana. Either answer is more than acceptable.

We want to give a quick shout-out to all of our friends north of the border (we’ve got nothing but nice things to say about Showcase and their parent company Corus) for the grade-A job they are doing promoting Absentia north of the border. There are billboards all over the city and even outside of the Eaton Center, one of the biggest malls in the city. We’ve spent a lot of time in Toronto over the years and this is some of the strongest promotion we’ve seen for a series there.

What are our coverage plans for Absentia?

That’s something we’ve debated quite a bit over time given that we’re seeing the show debut in two different countries in two different ways. What we’ve decided on is this: We’re going to cover the first couple of Canadian airings on Showcase, and then on the other side of that shift over to covering the remainder of season 1 on Amazon, posting episode reviews as soon as we get them together. We’ll try to label everything accordingly for spoilers since we want to ensure that nobody gets anything ruined for them in advance.

Ultimately, our goal as both an Absentia fan (and a dual citizen) is trying to get the most coverage to our readers in the quickest way possible. We did want to wait until the North American release because we wanted to ensure that, just like all (or at least most) of you, we watched Absentia via the proper channels.

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