Criminal Minds season 13 episode 13 review: Is Emily Prentiss being investigated?

Emily PrentissWe don’t want to spend this whole Criminal Minds season 13 review talking about how on board we are with the Penelope and Luke ship (also known as Garvez), but we are all in at this point. Last time we saw him starting up a new relationship with a woman named Lisa, who seems perfectly nice, smart and beautiful, but after seeing Garcia flirt with him a few weeks back we saw something that we can’t shake off – chemistry. Last week we also saw Garcia babble on in front of Lisa about how handsome and smart and charming Luke is and while she tried to back peddle in a way to make her think she’s not interested in Luke, we are now convinced that Penelope is starting to see that she might be. With Luke going on a few dates with Lisa (and admitting to Matt that he’s starting to fall for her) we suspect that our ship is going to have a slow burn, but we are okay with that since we are the patient type.

Getting into tonight’s episode we have a JJ story, which we are really happy to see since we haven’t had nearly enough focus on JJ this season (for our liking that is) – to be fair we really haven’t had much focus on any of our main cast this season, but that’s a story for a different article.

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When JJ gets an email from Linda Barnes she’s immediately worried since the last time she got something like this she was being removed from the team. Spencer tells her that it’s probably just some follow up on some covert work she did a few years back, but with Emily also CC’d in on the email, she’s still worried.

When JJ talks to Matt about Linda, he tells her that he thinks that Linda wants to be the director and is making a move. Finally JJ gets to talk to Linda about the email and it turns out Emily is going to be placed on administrative leave and JJ will be the acting chief for the BAU – not what we expected! Why is Emily being put on administrative leave? That’s a question that still needs to be answered, but Linda made it clear that there’s some kind of investigation that will be happening with Emily.

CarterMatt Verdict

It was really nice to have a story about JJ tonight, but it was also nice to have a Hotch mention too. He may have been gone from the show for a while now, but Thomas Gibson was a huge part of the show for so long that it would be pretty much impossible for the show to go on and never mention him again and for that we are thankful. We didn’t really get an update on him, it was just a mention in passing, but we will take what we can get.

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