Chicago Med season 3 episode 7 review: Connor takes the wheel

Philip WinchesterTonight, Chicago Med season 3 episode 7 introduced a story that was in part about hope, but also a story that was about loss.

Let’s start here with Dr. Charles, given that he went from the frying pan straight into the fire. One week after losing Dr. Reese to a temporary suspension, he found himself in a difficult spot where he had to convince a young mother (and an addict) to hold her baby long enough to help keep them alive, only to later take the baby away to a foster parent mere moments later. This was a gut-punch if there ever was one, but it was the right thing to do in the moment.

As for what Dr. Reese chose to do during her suspension, she decided to take on a supervisory role. She remained around the hospital, and over time Dr. Charles made it clear to her that he felt responsible for what happened to her. He offered her near the end of the episode a chance to work alongside him again and she was open to the idea.

Elsewhere, tonight’s episode offered up Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker a chance to get back into the field; as a result of that, they were able to rescue a man named Gary who was in desperate need; heroism out in the field is not something that you often get on Chicago Med, but it is absolutely something that we hope to see more of in the future.

It was in dealing with this patient tonight, who was determined to move forward no matter what, that Connor decided that he was better off letting Robin go. He needed to move forward. As a result of that, he opted to instead check out a fancy sports car — hey, doctors make serious money.

Meet Dr. Choi’s sister

While it was a brief moment near the end of the episode, we definitely still were happy to get some more insight into his past. He kept the truth about his sister from April for a while, mostly because they had a checkered history together and there were serious issues that needed to be worked through.

For him to start to open up to April about it does mark a significant step forward in the relationship between these two characters. After all, there is a history that Ethan has in being somewhat closed-off, and that is something he needs to replicate. This arc with his sister, for the record, is far from over.


Chicago Med season 3 episode 7 was important in how it moved forward the story of Connor, Sarah, and even Will and Natalie as they made some decisions outside the hospital — most of the change was subtle, though. Case-wise, what we are probably going to remember the most tonight is seeing precisely what happened with Dr. Charles as he had to make a decision that clearly hurt his heard to make.

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