The Fosters season 5 episode 11 review: Who did Lena visit?

Fosters season 5 episode 11The Fosters season 5 episode 11 is probably going to be an episode defined by one desperate moment: Lena deciding that visiting Nick was worth her time. Feeling the stress of Anchor Beach Charter shutting down, she extended a hand to the one man who famously brought a gun to school in one of the series’ most-frightening episodes.

This one moment is another reminder that nothing in The Fosters is black and white. Nick’s decision was so much a product of his history and his upbringing, and was not solely about him doing something that he himself wanted. There was a deeper meaning present here. There also is a specific reason for her wanting to save the school: It’s her life and her family. The board got dirty this week, threatening to take Monte’s new job away if she didn’t resign at the last minute. Lena is ready to get dirty back. Mariana and others fought so hard to save the school that she couldn’t bear to see their efforts come to a conclusion like this.

Mariana, at least temporarily, got to bask in a victory after it was revealed via vote that the students wanted to save the school. She also got to act out as Bachelorette as well, given that there were two different suitors pursuing her at the same time. It’s a tough choice — she has more in common with Mat, but her new, football-playing neighbor doesn’t carry with him the same sort of history. That may be a chance for a fresh start.

There was emotion packed into all of these moments, but rest assured that they were far from the only emotional moments that we saw take place this week.

Callie is ready for art school

Or … is she? There is good news and bad here. She was rushed into applying sooner than she thought, and may not be as ready to get in as she wanted to be. Yet, what choice did she have? She was rushed into this story and, as a result of that, has to figure out now whether she somehow can still make it. She’s also still trying to navigate her relationship with Aaron, which is now more of a friendship than anything else. Yet, she does seem frustrated about his relationship with another woman she saw.

Jesus is struggling…

But at the same time, what he really wants is some sort of cognizance from others that he doesn’t have to be treated differently. He doesn’t like having a guide at school or having special treatment. His story tonight was about Lena and Stef starting to figure that out. While the sink-or-swim strategy isn’t exactly perfect for a guy with a traumatic head injury, they do need to find some middle ground.

You could actually say the same for Brandon tonight in terms of his relationship with Grace. She wants to be intimate with her and he wants that to, but he’s afraid. He’s too afraid, and she isn’t able to understand all of his fears. They’re both on such extremes that they haven’t been able to realize that what they’re both feeling is okay. Things will improve for them emotionally; whether or not they do physically depends on her condition.

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Final Verdict

The Fosters, as we said, will be remembered tonight for the Lena – Nick decision. Was this a little too drastic for us to believe that she would go to him? Maybe, but it depends on just what sort of information he has.

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