Ellen’s Game of Games: Should there be a celebrity edition?

Ellen's Game of Games

Ellen’s Game of Games once again returns to NBC on Tuesday (January 16) with a new episode. Hold all the phone calls and get ready for another night of fun. While most game shows don’t attract too much attention, the NBC viewers are over the top excited about Ellen DeGeneres’ game show. The chatter about watching this show is loud and for good reason: Ellen’s Game of Games is infectiously delightful.

Dizzy Dash? One of Ellen’s Games

This week the games highlighted on the show will be delightful to watch. You Bet Your Wife, Dizzy Dash, One Eyed Monster and Scary Go Round have contestants competing for prizes. Of course the name of the games may sound crazy, but when you see how the games are played you immediately understand why the moniker fits so appropriately.

The best part of Ellen’s Game of Games is almost every viewer can see themselves competing. Closing your eyes and consider all the game shows out there. There are only a few shows on TV over the years that everyone would be willing to compete on stage for prizes. Ellen’s Game of Games is a competition where anyone, from any walk of life could compete without too much studying. The draw is that the trivia questions are based on worldly knowledge, and if you’re halfway well rounded, you could win big.

Ellen’s Game of Games Renewed for Season 2

Thankfully Ellen’s Game of Games has just been renewed for season two. Why is this such good news? America needs to laugh. Taking a break from adulthood to smile is important in 2018. Believe it or not, things out in the real world are getting a little too serious. Knowing that a prime time show is coming on where you can find yourself laughing is just another reason this show is so popular. NBC is offering America a great game show and getting a second season is a big thank you to all the viewers.

Ellen’s Game of Games Contestants

One of the questions people keep asking on social media is how does one become an Ellen’s Game of Games contestant. Everyone (well, almost every viewer) desires to get involved whether it’s to be on stage or in the audience. While it’s a good question, so far no word on how contestants will be found in season two. Most likely this cool show will announce the process closer to when they need more contestants. Make sure you keep an eye on Ellen’s Game of Games social media accounts as many viewers are watching (and only a few can play.)

Will There be a Celebrity Edition?

While some viewers might want to be Ellen’s Game of Games contestants, I’m wondering when there will be a Ellen’s Game of Games Celebrity Edition. You know it would be over the top entertaining to see Rob Lowe against Kate Hudson competing in Dizzy Dash. Or Jennifer Lopez taking on Mario Lopez in Scary Go Round. Of course, when it comes to the prizes, the winners could donate their portions to a charity of their choice. Celebrity editions are always fun to watch and with these side-splitting games, who wouldn’t tune in?

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