The Gifted finale: What did Lorna do?

Gifted episode 2We knew that The Gifted finale on Monday night was going to have some big, surprising movies — by the time we got to the end of the two hours, though, what we saw was a Lorna shocker like almost no other.

As we approached the end of the episode Lorna proclaimed that it was “time to make a new world.” With that, she used her powers in order to take down a plane … reliving an incident from her past. This attack on the government was a game-changer, mostly in that it sent a huge line

As for elsewhere in the episode, Lauren and Andy did what they could to help their people, putting their lives on the line even when their parents wanted them to run. The aftermath of the attack was a difficult one for them to swallow. They were heroes and they lived; yet, doing so came with a cost. They felt a sense of guilt as a result of what happened and it was perfectly understandable that they would.

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So where do the survivors of the attack go from here? Well, in a world, they have to rebuild. The Underground may be in tatters, but there could still be a chance to make things better. The struggle that some of these characters are going to face at the moment is finding their inner confidence.

Enter Lorna to the Underground

After taking down the plane Lorna decided to pay the Underground a visit, and as a result of that stated her case and made one thing very clear: She’s not the Lorna that we once knew. She has changed, and she decided in the closing minutes to take part in an extraction mission. She took many willing mutants from the Underground, one that felt as though living in her proposed new world would be better than being where they were.

This was the big surprise: Andy was among those who decided to leave, thinking that a war between mutants and humans was somehow better than trying to find more of a middle ground. Unfortunately, not even a plea from his sister could end up saving him. He’s gone. This is your pretty-fantastic cliffhanger between this season and the next: As much as the Strucker family tried to stay together, it was Andy who made the choice to depart them of his own free will.

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