The Bachelor Rose Ceremony: Florists see increase in red rose purchases after show

Bachelor Rose CeremonyWatching The Bachelor on Monday night? When Arie Luyendyk Jr ‘s heart is once again courted by the ladies, the question of who will stay (and who will go) will once again be answered. The swarming of love struck ladies who would like to stay one more week can be seen on this show. You know what else can be seen? Stunning red long stem roses.

Have you wished for a long stem rose?

Viewers who love this show might be looking at those delicate flowers and wishing one would just randomly show up at their door. Showing love with a single rose has been a tradition used by humans for years. As this TV series has progressed over the years, The Bachelor might come and go, but the gorgeous flowers remain. And every season The Bachelor rose ceremony has become a tradition of extraordinary anxiety and full of bubbling passion.

The whole long stem roses issue got me thinking about the intensity this single object offers the show. If you watch this show on mute (I’m not suggesting you do this the first time, but maybe when watching the rose ceremony again) that flower does all the talking. It says, I saw you and it was love at first sight. It also signals that the contestant is safe for another week.

Real roses for The Bachelor Ceremony

The Bachelor fans have had questions about the show over the years, but the only big question about the roses are real. Yes, apparently the roses are real. There is no silk handed out or found in the ceremony. Knowing these flowers are real is one question solved and I’m sure a controversy avoided.

Which brings us to the question of what type of long stem roses are used in the show. Let me first say I am not a florist. Nor do I play one on TV. However, after researching this rose it’s safe to assume these are Hybrid tea roses. As you will note this variety is a flower of strong stem with a single blossom that showcases a stunning red shade. These flowers are a favorite cut for perfect roses. It’s a flawless flower to offer a romantic gesture. Almost makes you want to buy a bouquet for your lover too, right?

Florists see an increase of red roses purchased Monday night and Tuesday

Did you ever finish watching The Bachelor and decide to buy your lover a red rose or even a bouquet of roses? Frankly, my flower lady revealed something I didn’t know about the impact The Bachelor has on the flower business. I became very aware that the rose business keeps a close eye on this TV show. Did you know orders for long stem roses increase on Monday night and the day after The Bachelor airs?  Calling over a dozen florists, all had extra roses waiting for that special someone as the show airs tonight (Monday) and the phones will be ringing.

It’s intriguing that a visual perspective of love like a single rose on a TV show could remind viewers to offer flowers to their special someone. It goes to show that love is in the air everywhere, but sometimes we just need a nudge to remind us to show our passion. Nothing says love better than an elegant red rose. Even if the rose isn’t given to us by Arie.

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