Homeland season 7 promo art features Carrie Mathison alone

Homeland season 7Leading up to its premiere on Showtime next month we now have the Homeland season 7 promo art — personally, we think that this one is one of the better ones that the show’s come up with over the years.

What’s at the center of this one? Think in terms of none other than Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) at the center of shadows. It’s a perfect microcosm of one of the show’s largest themes — paranoia. In the wrong light, any person could look innocent or guilty. Maybe this is meant to represent Carrie perceiving all of these people as dangerous when they aren’t in the slightest. This is just her interpretation of them in the moment, but we’ve absolutely learned very well over time just how interpretations can be wrong.

Yet, it’s also another reminder of just how Carrie is to deal with some of these shadows, regardless of whether or not they are dangerous. She’s lost whatever tie that she had to the Keane administration just as she’s also not sure who she can trust among her own inner circle. Many of her friends (if you call them that) are shadows and Quinn is dead. This is going to be a difficult season for Carrie.

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Yet, there’s one thing we have absolutely come to know about this character over time: She’s pretty darn determined. If Carrie perceives there to be a way for her to move forward and make her life better, coupled with the lives of those close to her, she’s absolutely going to find a way in which to do it. She’ll suffer for a while to life herself and others up on the other side. She can be her biggest hero; unfortunately, she can also be her own worst enemy.

What do you think about the new Homeland promo art, and are you excited to see the rest of the season? Share right now in the comments below!

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Homeland season 7 promo art

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