Saturday Night Live music: Halsey performs ‘Bad at Love’

Saturday Night LiveTonight, Saturday Night Live featured a performance from Halsey, which we otherwise like to call the show doing what they can to recover from the craziness that was Sam Rockwell dropping a swear word on live TV early on in the show. (Hey, it’s live TV! Things happen.)

What we got featuring the musical guest this week — and hence, the focus of this article, is Halsey performing “Bad at Love,” one of her recent and recognizable hits. She was dressed in a very fuzzy yellow coat, one she strutted around in while hitting some big notes accompanied by a live bad and dancers (is that what they were?) adorned in similar colors.

If you’re talking about a performance on the basis of style, “Bad at Love” had a lot going for it. It was recognizable, interesting, and it made pretty good use of the stage. We don’t know the song all that well but we’d easily listen to it again — isn’t that the goal of performing on this show?

Above everything else, though, we were especially impressed with the notes that Halsey hit. She was obviously singing live, she was raw, and you could feel some of her emotion when she sang. She knew that this was a big moment for her to perform on this stage, but she really made the most of it.

Second song – “Him & I”

This was a collaboration between Halsey and G-Eazy, and it had a much darker, intense vibe to it than the first performance. Interestingly, G-Eazy has been in the headlines more the past two days for dropping his connection to H&M after they had an offensive listing on their website for a outfit bearing a racist message. (This H&M controversy was skewered minutes earlier on the show during Weekend Update.)

While we’d say that “Bad at Love” was the better song of the two, music is subjective. If you like songs that have more of a hip-hop vibe to them, you probably enjoyed this song more.

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