Blindspot season 3: About Jane, Weller, and the Avery reveal

Tori AndersonTonight’s episode of Blindspot season 3 delivered quite a few surprises, didn’t it? Well, we can at least say it did when it comes to the big Avery reveal at the end.

While we wanted to think that Avery was still alive, having that come into the universe was still a relief. The character escaped in Germany, and was not killed on accident by Weller like he thought. With this knowledge in mind we can breathe a little bit easier, thinking that it is now at least partially possible that Jane and Weller can find their way back to each other.

This of course brings us back to the most painful revelation of the entire night, and that was seeing Jane and Weller split up over what happened with her daughter. It was in many ways expected, largely because we’re talking about the sort of trauma here that is not altogether easy for someone to get over. It’s not just the fact that Weller apparently killed Avery; it’s also that this is a secret that he kept from her. If they are meant to be together, how can they move forward following a secret like that? The assumption Weller must have carried with him was that he would never be in a position where he would have to say anything:

In explaining more of where Jane and Weller are to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Martin Gero had the following to say:

“They’re both heartbroken … But right now, Jane just can’t get over that Weller kept this from her. The team wants to give them space and are hoping they can figure it out, but at work, everyone is going to try to stay focused at the task at hand.”

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This is a reality that Jane and Weller are going to have to face now — they are still a team. While their romance may be on hold, they have to figure out a way to move forward together and do their job with the FBI.

What do you think is going to happen next on Blindspot season 3, and do you think that Jane and Weller are going to find their way back together? Share now in the comments!

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