Suits season 7 debate: Should Donna and Harvey get together by finale?

Donna and HarveyMrs. Carter: With the Suits season 7 return date still somewhat a mystery, why not shift the focus slightly to matters pertaining to the story itself?

As a result of this, we’re keeping the majority of the focus of this article on Donna and Harvey a.k.a. “Darvey” who are absolutely worthy of our attention and discussion. After all, their status is one of the most interesting aspects going into the second half of the season! At the end of the first half of season 7, Donna kissed Harvey. She assessed her feelings, thought long and hard about making a move, and then finally did. While it may not be the only time that something romantic between the two has been explored, this is different for many reasons. It’s different because of timing, because of the relationship that the two have at work, and also because we like to think that they learn more about each other every single day. The idea of Darvey getting together now is very different than the idea of Darvey getting together at the start of the series.

Obviously, though, there is an enormous roadblock in their way: Harvey’s relationship with Dr. Paula Agard. The two got together at the start of season 7, and their relationship does serve a function in Harvey’s life. She’s supportive of him, he of her, and they are both mature enough to recognize their worth and flaws at the same time. Yet, we’ve also received reminders along the way that Paula will struggle to know Harvey anywhere near as well as Donna does. That in itself shows her level of care; the average employee is not going to take so much time to get to know someone inside and out. Even if it’s their job, they don’t approach it with the excellence that Donna does.

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So could Donna and Harvey get together in the final six episodes of the season? We hope so. We don’t want to see Harvey explicitly make a move while still in a relationship with Paula, mostly because that somewhat taints the beauty of what Darvey as a couple could be. What we’d like to see is Harvey have a true realization of his feelings and make a move on that accordingly. Maybe he splits from Paula and pursues Donna with the sort of passion and attention she deserves. Relationships need a push and pull, and she needs to feel his interest just as much as he needs to feel hers.

Another reason why Donna and Harvey need to be together sooner rather than later is because of the uncertain future of Suits given that the final six episodes this year could turn out to be the final six for the series. If the show ends without Donna and Harvey together we know there will be ENORMOUS disappointment. Obviously, we know that Suits never promised Darvey as couple and the producers have been hesitant to say that it’s going to happen; at this point, though, it just feels like something that should. The two characters compliment and challenge each other perfectly, and they’ve been build up over time in a way that makes us think that they are made to be together.

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