SEAL Team episode episode 12: Clay, Sheila, and ‘The Upside Down’

SEAL Team episode 12How do you handle matters when the chips are down? Who do you turn to when things are in danger? These are two of the questions that SEAL Team episode 11 looks to answer. More than that, we do think that this episode is going to really take a hard look at an old adage: No man gets left behind. No matter what, at the crux of this episode you are going to see Jason leading the charge, even against orders, to ensure that Clay is safe. This will be a big story for the Clay story … but it is also not going to be his only story. You’re also going to see the evolution of things between him and Sheila. We wish that we could tell you whether or not this escalation happens after his moment of danger, largely because that could offer up some solace for those out there who are worried about his fate. Alas, we cannot. This case is just going to be a tough one because there is so much on the line. Nobody wants to bury Clay so soon.

Below, the SEAL Team episode 11 synopsis sets up more of what this story will hold:

While on a mission to retrieve a downed top-secret drone, Jason and the SEAL Team disobey orders so they can save Clay, who is trapped beneath a room full of armed terrorists. Also, Clay and Stella’s relationship takes a new turn.

We can sit here and label SEAL Team episode 11 important, but even doing that still doesn’t feel as though we are doing the case justice. After all, this is a season in which Jason and his team are battling various issues, trials, and tribulations almost constantly and there aren’t exactly a whole lot of sources for relief. We hope that despite everything terrible that is coming up for these characters, they find a way to end in a position where they are all somehow unified, maybe even in a stronger position than they were before.

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