The Blacklist season 5 episode 12 review: What’s the deal with the eye?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWith Navarro disposed of, Liz has his glass eye in her possession, but more then that she has some kind of tech that might be helpful in locating Tom’s killer, which she desperately needs at this point since all the information Navarro had died with him. The 100th episode of The Blacklist last week gave us a great treasure hunt, but very little of Liz and Reddington together – we are hoping that with her sharing what she’s done with Reddington (and Navarro’s eye with the tech in it) that tonight’s episode is going to have our two partners in crime working towards finding Tom’s killer.

What’s with the eye?

Let’s be honest though, finding Tom’s killer is not the only thing on Liz’s agenda – before Tom died he told her that he had information about Nik’s death and she wants to know what that is. We all know as viewers that this path could lead her to learning about the bones and the DNA of those bones, but she’s just at the beginning of that path right now and we are in for a really fun ride watching it all unfold.

Liz knows in her heart that Reddington knows way more about what Tom’s secret was then he’s letting on. Aftr all this time, she knows Reddington so well and can read him in ways that no one else can. When she confronts him he says nothing giving her confirmation that he’s hiding something.

After Reddington and Liz take the eye to a computer genius they learn that there’s no mic in it and no video recorder on it. So what is it? He finds a serial number on it and learns that it’s a GPS and that it’s currently transmitting their location. Because they don’t know how many are coming or what advantage they have on them, Liz and Reddington decide to leave before Garvey shows up. She’s close, so very close, but she knows she has to be smart about this if she wants to get the information and still be alive at the end of it all. Luckily, Reddington’s hacker is able to reverse the GPS and find the location of where it’s coming from. When they get to the address, it’s a home that’s been staged, but they find a server there that they think might help… but there’s a note for Reddington there. They reveal to him (and Liz) that they know the truth about the secret he’s hiding.

Reddington confesses

We definately didn’t expect this to happen tonight (or any night for that matter) but Reddington admits to Liz that he knows the truth Tom uncovered has to do with him and that he told Tom not to pursue it, but that he wouldn’t listen. He tells her that Mr. Kaplan uncovered an item that he wanted to stay buried, saying that Tom had this item and that’s what got him killed. Reddington tells her that this secret he has needs to be kept a secret from everyone and that includes from her as well.

Like we said we certainly didn’t expect Reddington to take this approach with Liz, but their relationship is forever changing and forever growing and this is one more step towards and even stronger bond between them. The real question now is, will Liz be satisfied with just getting her revenge against Tom’s killer and respect Reddington’s request for privacy or will she dig for the secret regardless of Reddington’s request? Nope and she tells him as much.

CarterMatt Verdict

The highlight of the episode was easily hearing Reddington call Facebook “Face-whatever”. Many fans love James Spader for his dramatic acting, but one of the things we love him for is his brilliant comedic timing (we LOVED him on The Office).

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