TV Underdogs: How Blue Bloods could utilize more of Vanessa Ray’s Eddie Janko

Vanessa Ray’s Eddie Janko may not have been a part of Blue Bloods at the very beginning, but over time she has become increasingly essential to the story. She appears in the majority of episodes, her story is tied closely to Jamie’s, and she brings something to the show that isn’t present anywhere else. She’s a tough, scrappy cop who fights hard for everything she has. While the Reagan’s may work hard, they all enter the NYPD with a certain pedigree and notoriety. Eddie’s had to work for just about everything that she’s has since the beginning.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a little less of Eddie Janko lately for one reason or another. We don’t really want to get into a reason why, since we are then moving into speculation and we don’t want to tilt the discussion in one way or another without evidence. Instead, the goal of this article something different: How the producers of Blue Bloods can use Eddie more to create both a stronger character and an even stronger story. They are the ones in control of making her the strongest character possible, and we know that there are many interesting, smart ideas they could be bringing to the table for her.

What’s one of the biggest stories? Focusing a little bit more on her life outside of the job, including more of what it looks like day to day, if there are some other friends she has, or what the relationship is like with some of her other work colleagues.

Or, why not show more of what she does when she’s working and Jamie is not around? We’d love to see a big Eddie standalone story where she goes undercover or is separated from him + other NYPD resources in some capacity. This would give her the room to play with a lot of interesting dynamics. To go along with that, why not allow her to have a little bit of notoriety? We’re all for stories that allow the tables to turn a little bit. It feels like for most of their partnership Jamie has settled into being the member of their team who gets the spotlight and attention. As a result of that, something interesting could very well come out of seeing Eddie be declared a hero or be involved in some headline-grabbing team. See how Jamie feels about being perceived differently within the partnership.

Do we want to see Jamie with Eddie?

Absolutely, but at this point, that feels almost like a given.

What do you want to see coming up for Eddie Janko on Blue Bloods season 8 moving into the future? Be sure to share some of your thoughts / various suggestions right now in the comments!

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