Dexter season 9 revival still discussed, but no forward movement

What's next? -It seems that every year now at the TCA press tours, there is talk about various legendary shows coming back for more episodes.

Today, the focus is on a possible Dexter season 9 revival. Could it happen, and should it happen? Is this something that really should be contemplated? It’s an interesting discussion to have, especially by nature of redemption.

If you ask most longtime TV viewers, we imagine that the vast majority of them would say that the original Dexter series finale years ago on Showtime is one of the worst series finales that they’ve seen, at least in proportion to the quality of the series themselves. We’ll contend that it wasn’t so much that the final season (or really, the final two seasons) of Dexter were terrible; instead, it was more that they were far worse in comparison to the ones that came before it. The series set a high bar, especially with seasons 2 through 4 (we’d even argue that season 5 was underrated), that after that point the show had a hard time living up to the hype.

Speaking at TCA this year, Showtime confirmed via programming head David Nevins that there are still talks about bringing Dexter back for more; however, he also noted (per TVInsider) that they aren’t any further along in said talks than they were at this point last year. That does make sense given that Michael C. Hall has been rather busy with The Crown and some other projects. Meanwhile, this is probably not a show you can bring back unless you know for sure it will satisfy some of the fans who were originally so angry with you.

Our personal thoughts about a Dexter season 9 revival

We do think that it will happen eventually, but in a slightly different form. (Warning: Series finale spoilers ahead.) Dexter’s sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is now dead, but we could still see her coming back in a form relatively similar to how Dexter’s father Harry shows up — as a conscious in his head.We also don’t want the series back unless Clyde Phillips, one of the people involved in the earlier part of the show, is involved. We’ve heard his pitch for the ending of the show — one that had Dexter on the table looking at all of the victims that he had killed — and it was a million times better than Dexter going off and becoming a lumberjack somewhere. If we had it our way at the moment, we’d go back and figure out a way to end Dexter on a note that felt more in line with the show’s original intentions.

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