Is Matthew Whitaker next Stevie Wonder? Did Mariah Carey steal Meryl Streep’s seat Golden Globes?

Golden Globes 2018

If you’re looking for some great shows on Tuesday night, you will definitely have your pick. With new episodes airing, the decision to rev up the DVR might be essential. Not only is Agent Gibbs back on NCIS, but Lethal Weapon offers some heart stopping action and even This is Us shares an emotional journey on Tuesday. Come to think about it, this might be the busiest, but also best night of TV during the week.

Matthew Whitaker: Talented 16 year old performer

Have you heard Matthew Whitaker play the piano? The 16-year-old entertainer was featured on the Today Show Tuesday morning and he’s extraordinary. Not only does he offer amazing music to fans around the country, he also makes you smile when he plays. The amazing young man is being called the next Stevie Wonder as his talent is beyond his years, but it’s not just because of the music. His joy for life has people in awe as you’d never know he was visually impaired when he sits down to play for others. Matthew reminds us all to show passion and love in everything we do!

Ashley Graham judges ANTM

Ashley Graham’s new job as judge for America’s Next Top Model has her giddy. The model is now behind the judging table as she offers advice to up and coming models. Of course she has the unfortunate job of cutting people too. Talking on The View, it appears she is ready for the challenge and can hardly wait to see who ends up being America’s Next Top Model.

Did Mariah Carey steal Meryl Streep’s seat at Golden Globes?

The buzz around the 2018 Golden Globes has been about three things: Oprah for President, Women’s equality and Mariah Carey possibly stealing a seat from Meryl Streep. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Meryl Streep did confirm that Mariah Carey was in her seat at the big award show.

Talking about the situation with Jimmy Kimmel it might not be as horrific as the rumors share. Instead, it was a timing issue. The show was coming back from a commercial break and stars are required to sit down at the first available seat. Mariah happened to find Meryl’s empty seat. Unfortunately it’s not as glorious as first reported and Mariah ultimately moved at the next break.

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