Why a Major Crimes season 7 isn’t happening at TNT, anywhere else

Major Crimes season 6

Tonight marks a the season 6 finale of Major Crimes on TNT; unfortunately, the episode also just so happens to be the series finale to go along with it.

So why couldn’t a Major Crimes season 7 happen at the network, or anywhere else for that matter? There are, unfortunately, a number of reasons why this is not something we are going to see take shape.

Let’s start here, though, with the following: The biggest reason why a Major Crimes season 7 isn’t happening is simply because the show was canceled by TNT. We’re getting pretty black-and-white with this explanation, but that is ultimately where we are. Had TNT renewed the show, which ratings suggested that they should, we would be in a different spot right now. The largest problem here seems to be that the show’s cancellation seems to be geared more towards ideology than any profits or lack thereof that the series was bringing in.

Granted, had TNT planned on ordering more Major Crimes they would have been forced to make a move months before the formal cancellation came in. The story here goes that as soon as there wasn’t any talk about extending beyond the thirteen-episode order and Mary McDonnell wasn’t approached about extending her contract, the series looked to be done. That seems to be when the plan was put into place to kill off Sharon Raydor and have much of the series culminate with her death and the final showdown with Philip Stroh. As polarizing as Sharon’s death may be — and we find it to be very polarizing — we will give creator James Duff credit for having some guts. What he did was probably not an easy decision or an easy thing to execute.

As for other homes…

The moment TNT canceled the show it looked unlikely that a Major Crimes season 7 would happen elsewhere for a number of different reasons. For starters, such a move is often difficult to do for legal reasons; also, it can be rather costly to promote a show airing at a network it wasn’t on previously. Unfortunately, Major Crimes couldn’t really get traction elsewhere — it didn’t have its female lead anymore and, to go along with that, many other cable networks are no longer programming crime procedurals.

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