Jersey Shore Family Vacation setting not necessarily the Jersey Shore

Jersey ShoreHow about this for a surprise: The cast of Jersey Shore may not be heading back to their familiar hangout when they film their MTV show later this summer.

As a matter of fact, MTV may be looking to you in order to determine the Jersey Shore Family Vacation setting.

In a post online tonight, the network made it clear that you can share your thoughts for the ideal Jersey Shore Family Vacation setting just by using the hashtag #JSFamilyVacation. It’s possible that one of these could be a new location for the show, just like it’s also possible that this is all just some sort of elaborate ruse and they’re just going to take the GTL crew back to Seaside Heights for another season.

We should note that this is far from the first time in which Jersey Shore has ventured outside of their familiar hangout. For example, season 2 was set in Miami, whereas season 4 moved the cast over to Italy. It’s commonplace to see some of these people in other parts of the country and the world, but this was needed more when the classic Jersey Shore was on. After all, at this point the series has been off the air for a while; with that, you can easily argue that it would make a certain degree of sense to just throw everyone back at Seaside Heights for old times’ sake. Bring back the duck phone, some of the stupid old jobs, and allow everyone to have a good time there once again. We’re sure that the region will appreciate the bump that they get in tourism; the entire region benefited heavily from having the Jersey Shore cast there, even if there were some who felt like they were presenting a stereotype of Italian-Americans that wasn’t exactly accurate. (In the end, much of that just feels like bluster now.)

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The Jersey Shore Family Vacation is going to air in a number of months, and hopefully, we’ll have more news in the near future.

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