Homeland season 7 premiere: The future for Carrie in ‘Enemy of the State’

Homeland season 7 premiereAfter a long wait, the Homeland season 7 premiere is coming to Showtime on Sunday, February 11. With that, we’re going to have a chance to see what happens to Carrie Mathison after she was forced out from President Keane’s inner circle.

Want to know specifics about what’s coming for Carrie on the Homeland season 7 premiere, entitled “Enemy of the State”? Check out the official synopsis below:

“Carrie and Franny are living with Maggie’s family in DC. Saul and the federal employees detained after the attempt on the President-elect’s life are in prison. President Keane’s administration comes under scrutiny. Season premiere.”

This synopsis comes via SpoilerTV, and it gives you a good sense that Carrie is going to try and maintain whatever sort of a family dynamic that she possibly can. We definitely admire her for that given that she’s been through so much, especially at the end of last season. It would’ve been easy for her to have thrown in the town at one point.

As for Saul finding himself in prison, don’t necessarily interpret this to mean that he will stay there the remainder of the season. Mandy Patinkin’s character is effective, smart, and he knows to work the room in accordance of who is around him. Don’t expect him to remain behind bars for all that long. After all, doesn’t the Presidency and the country need someone like them? Keane’s placing herself in a taxing spot, having removed from her inner circle many of the people who could ask her questions and ponder over her decision-making. One of the interesting narrative pushes coming up this season will be learning just how Keane navigates the early days of her Presidency and many of the obstacles that are put in front of her. Can she tackle some of these effectively without steering the ship in the wrong direction?

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“Enemy of the State” is the foundation for much of the Homeland story to come. If this is like any other season of the show, we will see the tension rise and build throughout the first half of the season before starting to come close to a peak.

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