The case of the missing Eddie Janko (again) on Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods season 8

Why is Eddie Janko missing on Blue Bloods? We know that this is a question we’ve asked before, but every year or so it’s a question worth revisiting for a number of different reasons.

For starters, we really wish that it was something that was not happening. For whatever reason the screen time of Will Estes and Vanessa Ray both has been on the decline in season 8 — we’ve love to see more of them, but the writers/producers have gone instead with stories more concentrated around just a couple of characters. It may be a shake-up in the format, or it may just be that certain actors are only set to appear in a designated number of episodes/scenes this season. Trying to figure out the specifics are often complicated, but the thing that you should know is that, in the end, Eddie is not going anywhere. She will remain a part of the series and even has a big role to play on next week’s new episode. This was just one of those occasions where you don’t see her.

In an odd way, it’s a complement to the show itself that viewers miss Eddie so much when she is not around. She’s become an integral part of the series since her arrival and she is the perfect foil to Jamie — she challenges him, she has her own passions, and the romantic connection between the two doesn’t hurt.

To a certain extent, though, understand some of the challenges that come with implementing Eddie to the right degree. There are some viewers out there who watch the show mostly for the Reagans, and they like the opportunity to be able to spend a lot of time with them every week. Then, there are also others who like the show for Eddie and the Jamko relationship. Finding a way to make both groups of people happy is far from the easiest thing to do in the world.

We’ve said before — we even said it in our most-recent episode review — that Blue Bloods is the story of compromise more often than not. Why not just keep doing what you were with Eddie in the past? You can include Ray in just about every episode, and in some give her a few moments whereas others some longer spotlights. Maybe do a few episodes a season where the story is faced largely on her, but also keep the Reagans firmly involved; don’t scrap the family dinners or anything else!

We are enjoying many of the Blue Bloods stories this season, even though it is weird seeing the show without Linda. We just wish there was a little more balance to it all.

What do you think Blue Bloods should do to resolve their missing-Eddie situation? Share in the comments!

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